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Citezen is a suite of tools for parsing, validating, sorting, and displaying BibTeX databases, integrated with Pier. It aims at replacing and extending BibTeX, in Smalltalk; ideally, features would be similar to BibTeX, CrossTeX, or CSL.


There are several instances of Citezen in use already, to display publication lists in Pier websites, for instance RMoD, Moose, or Tudor Gîrba’s websites.

At the moment, the foundations are here but we still need to put it all together so that it becomes a really nice tool in practice; here’s what currently exists:

Loading Citezen

With Metacello:

Gofer new squeaksource: 'Citezen';
     package: 'ConfigurationOfCitezen';
(ConfigurationOfCitezen project latestVersion: #development) load


This is a package to support ad hoc and fixed queries on a local BibTeX file, and to integrate them into a website powered by the Pier content management system. To try it out, first create a Bib File page, and configure it to point to a local BibTeX file. You can then also create embeddable components of type Fixed Query and Query Box which should be configured to point to a pre-installed Bib File page.

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