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Research Activities

Research Area

My research domain is software engineering, more precisely software evolution, reengineering, and language design. As Kent Beck writes:

Succession is the price of success.
The needs of the design evolve.

I’m interested in making tools to better understand existing software, and to (pro)actively support its evolution though more expressive or simpler programming tools:

This builds on my previous experience in model-driven engineering and software architecture, and in the context of RMoD, I follow these interests in the perspective of modularity, remodularization, and dynamic languages.

Main Conferences and Publication Outlets

Here’s a quick list of the main conferences & journals I submit to:

IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, OOPSLA, ECOOP, ICSE, ASE
Reengineering & Maintenance
Tools, Language Design, Models
Elsevier COMLAN, TOOLS, ESUG/IWST, UML/Models, LMO (french)

Community Involvement

Conference Organization

Journées IDM & GDR-GPL, 2011

University of Lille 1 organizes the journées IDM & génie de la programmation et du logiciel, a francophone event on model-driven engineering and software engineering in Lille, 7–10 june 2011. I’m responsible for maintaining the website.

Benevol 2010

Inria Lille organizes the 9th Benevol seminar in Lille, France, on the 16–17 december 2010. I’m a member of the organizing committee and responsible for the website.

WCRE 2009

RMoD organizes WCRE’09 in Lille, France, at Telecom Lille 1. I’m also chair for the workshops with Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc.

Student volunteer

Programme Committees and Peer Review

Programme Committee

I’ve been a (co-)reviewer for a number of international conferences and journals1:

National publications (in French):

Events and Presence

Conferences and Talks

2006 and Before…

Informal and Local Involvment

I’m the maintainer of the LaTeX style for JOT, the Journal of Object Technology.

I represent RMoD in the Lille subgroup of the Action IDM (Ingénierie Dirigée par les Modèles), and at the CUMI (Commission des Utilisateurs des Moyens Informatiques), which coordinates IT choices at Inria.

I’m regularly attending open-source community events like the Smalltalk gathering organized by ESUG, JDLL, RMLL,, or FOSDEM.

  1. That list is not exhaustive, there are a few reviews made during my PhD that I did’t keep track of.

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