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Playing Tenuki (eponym)

Go stones

I know, this is yet another re-opening-my-blog blog post ;)

I’ve already maintained a blog before; it was a Typo instance running on a venerable Sun Ultra 5 workstation behind my home DSL. As you can guess, Ruby on a 360MHz CPU is not fast, so it was getting painful to edit, and then I moved to Swiss, and the poor server got neglected.

However, I now maintain these static web pages using Webgen, which has recently been given blog support by Matteo Collina. Fiddle, hack, tweak, and here’s the result.

Why the name?

Tenuki is a term from the game of Go that denotes ignoring the current local battle and just playing somewhere else.

Rather than a blog focused on a particular topic, this will be a repository of short writings on various subjects, probably quite geeky but not necessarily entirely related to research or even computer science; in fact, if I had to gather all that will appear here in a book, I would probably entitle it The Art of Computer Procrastinating.

The spark

Actually Nicolas pointed me to Sacha Chua’s presentation The Shy Connector, where she makes some good points for us introverts. Apparently people will talk to you if they already know that you can help. Who knew ? ;)

So, let these pages be my conversation-with-strangers baits! Mwa-ha-ha.

The Shy Connector from Sacha Chua

What now?

Below is a quick brain dump of things I could write about —or already have, but need to dig them up— when I get myself to it (or someone pushes me enough).

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